Bard Changeling, looking for adventure, started in Brindol after completeing Bard training under her uncle.


Eucharytes, or better known simply as “Euchy” (pronounce You-key), had grown up under her mother’s domineering, traditionalist, life style. It was rare for them to leave their comfortable bode, therefor it was rare of them to ever have to change form and it was mostly forbidden. Her controlling mother didn’t believe they needed to hide themselves from the races, that the Changelings were a pure race and it was the others who forced them to hide behind guises of others.

Being the traditionalist she was, her mother forced her into the family’s chosen field – being a bard. Training under her uncle, a well respected, very talented, bard she learned their way. After completeing her training she chose to left their humble abode – much to her mother’s chagrin. Taking on the form of a plain, unnoticeable, human girl she makes her way to Brindol in hopes of finding adventure, anything better than her life of drudgery at home with her mother. She sets off in hopes of anything better than what life has already offered her.

Walking through the lands in search of adventure, she came upon an injured Shadar’kai. Healing him back to full health she finds out he had gotten on the wrong side of a troll – and lost. She decides to stick with him, just incase he decides to get on the wrong side of any other nasties.


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