Scales of War

And so our tale begins...

The evening was crisp as the hobgoblins made their way towards the unsuspecting city of Brindol. Inside the Antler and Thistle, a mediocre pub with fairly cheap booze, sat 4 adventurers enjoying a quiet evening to themselves.

Sabriel, an eladrin warlock, sat at the bar, trying to seduce Max, the bartender, so she could save what few gold coins she had.

Chanchal, the genasi swordmage, was watching her. Trying to find an opening so he could attempt at seducing her, maybe she has some money he can use to pay off a few debts. He’s not above whoring himself out.

At a table near by sit Eucharytes and Vitaose, enjoying a drink as they talk about possible oppurtunities from the city’s adventurer’s guild.

The quiet evening is ruined as the hobgoblins burst through the door, goring the first civilian they find. After years of fine tuning with their training the adventurers stand to attention, ready for battle.

Finishing off the goblins in the smokey remains of the tavern they make their way outside, only to find an ogre dragging a wagon behind him full of explosives. Thinking quickly Chanchal rushes forward to burst the explosives, even if he took damage in the mean time.

Barely clinging to life Chanchal and the others make their way to the inn to rest for the day and prepare for upcoming adventures.

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