The largest settlement in the Elsir Vale, Brindol is a primarily human town. However, a varied mix of other races make their way through due to being located on the Elsir River and the Dawn Way, the Vale’s major trade route.


The most interesting piece of recent history was the attack of the armies of the Red Hand. This horde of hobgoblins rampaged through the Vale a decade ago and were finally turned back at Brindol’s walls by a band of courageous adventurers. Since this time, the vale has prospered under the blanket of peace, only disturbed by sporadic bandit attacks.


Brindol is ruled by a council, two-thirds of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder of whom are guildmasters from the city’s important trade guilds. Lord Warden Harrik Orenna is the public face of the council and commander of the city militia. The most recent addition to the council is Eoffram Troyas, a half-elf.


1. City Gates

2. Cleftie’s (Tavern; low end)

3. Axenhaft Security (Guard Service)

4. Gavriel Arms and Smithy

5. Brindol Market

6. The Marooned Schooner (Tavern; low end)

7. Alchemy by Adronsius (currently closed)

8. Shrine of the Open Door (Avandra; hostel, low end, 2sp a night, clean sheets not guaranteed )

9. Cleftie’s (Tavern)

10. Ilya’s Cardhouse (Tavern; mid-range, focus on gambling)

11. College of Ioun

12. The Antler and Thistle (Tavern; mid-range)

13. Brindol Gentleman’s Club (Tavern; high end, nightly “burlesque” shows)

14. Moondust Temple (Sehanine), Shrine of Bahamut (nearby; no permanent clergy)

16. The Hall of Great Valor

17. Shrine of the Sun (Pelor)

18. Brindol Keep, Temple of Erathis (adjoined)

19. The Silk and Spoon (Inn; high-range, 2gp a night)

20. Brindol Cemetery

21. Shrine of the Raven Queen (no permanent clergy)


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